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At Apex Dental, your dental hygiene is our top priority. We are family-oriented provider of dental services very well equipped to provide general dentistry, periodontal care, orthodontics, oral surgery, dental implants, full and partial dentures, cosmetic dental services, and more.

Our Mission

Our mission is to keep you and your family smiling. We provide advice and options to ensure you keep optimal dental hygiene. Our dedicated team is committed to providing you the best dental care in a fun, loving, and relaxed atmosphere.

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We are excited about your visit to our website today. We hope you learn more about us, our services and how we can put the smile back in your face. If you are looking for a skilled family dentistry in Houston, Texas, please call us today or schedule an appointment online.

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We offer a wide range of dental treatment options that are based on the most current technology.

Preventive Dentistry

Regular dental care is perhaps the most important service we offer here at Apex Dental. A professional dental cleaning will remove the harmful bacteria, plaque, and tartar that you cannot eliminate on your own.

Implant Restoration

If you are having difficulty with your dental implants, call us and schedule an appointment. It is critical that we examine your dental implant right away and that you do not try to self-diagnose the problem.

Kids Dentistry

As a parent, you want to see your child smile. We want to make sure that smile is as bright and healthy as possible. It’s important to start seeing a pediatric dentist early to prevent potential dental health issues with your child.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Creating and maintaining a healthy and contagious smile is our ultimate goal for all our patients while remaining true to their personal dental objectives. We can restore your smile to its original beauty or enhance it!

Root Cannal

root canal is one of the most common dental procedures performed, well over 14 million every year. This simple treatment can save your natural teeth and prevent the need for dental implants or bridges.


When a tooth is removed it is called a tooth extraction (also known as pulling a tooth). Tooth extractions often become necessary when there is tooth decay, gum disease or trauma to the mouth.

What Our
I moved to Houston from Austin, TX and Dr. K was recommended to me by my family dentist. I am so thankful to be in such great hands every six months when I go to the office for my checkup. The staff is friendly and professional, they use modern, technologically advanced equipment, and really make me feel at ease (which isn’t always the case with other dentists).


Vettle Smith
Highly recommend Dr. Kan and his staff. Great attention to detail, clear explanations of issues and treatment options, very friendly staff.


Patricia Rodriguez

Thorough, gentle dental cleaning with excellent hygienist. Little price without insurance.

Robert Quezada
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