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Yellow teeth or cavities in your teeth may not be such an appealing thing if you happen to smile to a person; you have met for the first time. It may be considered bad oral hygiene than anything else. With the arrival of new toothpaste which only claims to drive away all your cavities with no results. Many happen to go to the dentist to get this rectified which may cost a bomb and this can be avoided if go to the root of the problem.

It can be stated as one of the most common problems affecting people nowadays. The yellowing of one’s teeth can be a sign of a lack of dental hygiene. This dental plaque is caused mainly due to the yellowish biofilm which is formed on the teeth. If it is not cleaned properly every day it can lead to other teeth problems like cavities and inflammation of gums.

One of the common reasons which we can identify for having yellow teeth is excessive consumption of coffee, tea. Smoking and consumption of foods can deteriorate your teeth. The food which we eat and don’t even bother to clean them after eating is one of the major causes of such a problem.

Not following the hot and cold cycles which contract and expands when you eat or drink something cold or hot. This expansion and contraction help to cause stains as it gets through the teeth. Foods that are very acidic also create stains and yellowing of the teeth.

With the increasing age, we tend to lack the same ability to fight the cavities and other bacterial attacks on our teeth. The routine oral hygiene also gets affected due to increasing age. As the stain remains on our teeth with less dental hygiene it tends to get much darker and very hard to remove.

Some of the common remedies which we can use to avoid yellow stains are:

-A good oral hygiene
-Rinsing after every meal
-Polishing it, by use of baking soda
-Bleaching it, by use of natures very own bleach – lime
-Flossing your teeth regularly
-Avoiding starch and sugar
-Switch to vegetable which will help your teeth
-A mixture of salt and finely powdered rind of lime can be used as an excellent toothpaste
-Drink plenty of water
-Avoid tobacco
-Avoid smoking
-Chewing sugar-free gums helps
-Adding a drop of clove oil to your toothpaste before brushing your teeth can do wonders to your teeth

Before acting upon these remedies please check if you are allergic to any of these food products to avoid further complications. The site or the writer is not responsible for the decisions taken by the reader.